Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are You Diabetic?

Over the next two years I lost 65 pounds. As the weight came off I decreased my insulin intake by 2 to 3 units every 2 weeks. I checked my blood sugar levels on a regular bases and kept my docor advised of my progress. When I was down to 3 units of insulin each morning the doctor told me to stop using insulin and continue to test my sugar levels to see how I got along. It has been 2 years and 9 months since I took an insulin shot. I was in to see my doctor last week and I had lost another 4 pounds and every thing checked out fine. My doctor would like to use me as a pin-up poster for his other patients.
I am proof that you can manage your diabetes with proper diet and regular exercise. I would also like to point out that my diet is not really anything special. I eat what I want but in control my portions. I try NEVER to over eat and I eat my main meal around 2 pm each day. I have a small dish of ice cream each night about 7 pm. I check my blood sugar level before I go to bed and again first thing each morning. My sugar levels run between 90 and 115 and stay fairly consistent.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are You Diabetic?

The amputation of my right foot was a very rude awakening, I had not worried much about dying but I did not like the idea of going one piece at a time. So I changed by attitude in a hurry. I decided it was time to learn to manage my biabetes and take better care of myself. I was in the hospital for ten days and I watched exactly what I was feed. Once I left the hospital I would buy the same foods and take control of my diet.

Also, I was now having to inject myself twice a day with insulin. At first I was not happy about shooting myself with a needle in the stomach but it was not as bad as I thought it weould be and I got use to it rather quickly. I would inject 38 units of insulin each morning and 18 units each night.

Two years later my VA doctor began telling me that if I were to lose weight I might be able to get off the insulin. Due to a case of the flu I lost 20 pounds so I decided that was a good start on a weight loss plan. I was helped a great deal by my wife in setting up a diet plan. She cooked the meals and helped me keep from eating too much. I found I could eat most anything I wanted just as long as I controled the portions.

I also developed an exercise program on my own and began working out 5 days aweek.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are You Diabetic?

Then next morning after the surgery I awoke and first thing I needed was to use the bathroom. I threw back the covers and swing around to the bedside and put my foot down and started to walk to the bathroom. I took one step and fell flat on my face. I forgot my right foot was gone. It had been there for 59 years and I was used to walking where I needed to go. A nurse ran into the room because of the noise my fall had made and she was mad and told me in no uncertain terms that if I needed help to call first. I guess it was not funny at the time but as I look back I have to laugh, I just forgot my foot was no longer there. I was in the hospital a total of ten days. It took over two months for the stump to heal and on Dec. 23, 2001 I finally got my first prosthesis. It was quite a day, to beable to walk out of the doctor's office almost like normal. Due to weight loss and shrinking over time I have had a total of 5 legs built and I have to say I really appreciate the VA Hospital and all the doctors who have been a great help to me over the years.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are You Diabetic?

As mentioned in my last post I have problems with my vision due to my diabetes. Also, with diabetes there develops a lack of feeling in your feet and maybe your hands. In Sept. of 2001 I came home from shopping and took off my shoes and my right shoe was all bloody. Using a mirror I found there was an open blister at the base of my big toe. This was on a Friday and a week later I went to the emergency room at the hospital to have the foot examined. I was admitted to the hospital immediately. A doctor came in the next morning and looked at my foot and sent me to x-ray. After looking at the x-rays the doctor talked with me about my options, all of which involved amputation, it just a matter of how much of my foot needed to be cut off. So on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2001 the doctor cut off my right foot a mid-calf.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Are You Diabetic?

What should attitude be went you learn you are biabetic? There is really only one answer to this question, acceptance. There is nothing you can do now to prevent diabetes, you have it so now what? Many doctors are so busy they do not have time to educate you about diabetes so you will have to research and learn all you can about how to manage your diabetes. There is a great deal to learn and more information comes out almost daily. One of the best sources I have found is the American Diabetes Association. It is free to join and with the help of your computer you can read and study about diabetes and the best ways to take care of yourself. One point I would stress is to work at getting the best advice possible and listen and take action. I did not listen and it has taken me many years to correct mistakes I made. Some results of these mistakes can not be corrected. I have had 5 operations on my left eye and two operations on my right eye. I can not see in the dark and my depth precetion is shot. I am developing tunnel vision. As a result I do not drive and have not driven for over 5 years, my wife, bless her heart takes me with her if we need to go some place.

I have other problems as a result of a poor attitude and I will write about that at a later time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ARE YOU DIABETIC? I am and so are 23.6 million other people. Included in that group are 5.7 million that have diabetes but they do not know it, because they have never been diagnosed. Are you one of the 5.7 million? It is a good idea to have a complete physical at least once a year and ask the doctor to test for diabetes. If your diagnosis is positive, the sooner you begin learning about diabetes and how to manage the disease the better, because, it is a disease that you can learn to manage.

How do most people react to being told that they are diabetic? Three common emotions are denial, anger and guilt. Many people are angry and ask , "Why me?" Some folks feel guilty thinking that they caused this disease by bad eating habits. Denial takes several forms; the doctor was wrong, the tests were incorrect, just to mention a few.

My denial came in the form of an attitude of "I don't care. I will just go right on living like I want to because I am going to die sometime anyway. At least I will die happy eating whatever I want to, and anytime I want." BAD attitude. This can have very disastrous results. I will explain exactly what I mean later.

What should your attitude be?

Are You Diabetic?